Religious Education

St. Adalbert’s CCD Program respects the primary place of parents as educators. Vatican II stated: “Their role as educators is so decisive that scarcely anything can compensate for their failure in it”. The parish program is an important assist, not a substitute for the parents. We see the need for a union between home, school, and church for the total instruction and formation of the child. St. Adalbert’s CCD Program was established on July 24, 1942 by Fr. George Roskwitalski OFMConv. and Fr. Benvenute Hakalski OFMConv.

Subsequent directors of the program worked diligently throughout the years to provide a firm basis in Catholic doctrine for elementary and high school students. With the appointment of Sr. Patricia Neary OP, in 1974, the program was restructured to include the requirements mandated by the National Catechetical Directory. This work was continued through the efforts of Sr. Josephine Daspro and Fr. Clement Jarnot OFMConv., both being subsequent directors of the CCD Program.

Since the beginning, the programs purpose is to educate all school students to live the Catholic faith. The method by which CCD does this includes involving the students in the worship life of the Church, service to others, and through fellowship with the parish at large.  It also assists parents in the instruction of their children and enables them to continue their own religious development. It provides the catechists and support staff an opportunity to prepare the students of the parish to receive the sacraments and to offer them a means for religious growth.

The program was under the direction of Sr. Dolorosa Rybacki SSC, certified teachers, and nine teacher aides. Fr. Vernon Adams OFMConv., the Director of Religious Education, and the other friars gave of their time and participate in varied activities. Each year the children participate in the following: Kids to Kids Halloween Appeal, a procession for Christ the King Sunday, Thanksgiving Food Drive and Toiletries Drive for Queen of Peace Residence, Christmas Communion Breakfast, Touch-a-Heart" Valentines for the homebound, Lenten service projects and mite boxes, Palm Sunday precession, the "Scripture-A-Thon", vocation awareness contest, a religion fair, and commencement exercises to honor the eighth graders. An incentive program has been devised to include report card distribution in January and May, certificates of attendance in November, February, and May, and certificates of achievement during those same months for classroom participation and home study. Certificates, ribbons, trophies, and awards are presented to participants for all annual projects.

Since the 100th Anniversary, the program has been under the able direction of the following people: Sr. Dolorosa Rybacki, Mrs. Mary Hellman, Mrs. Mary Anne Page and under the current direction of Ms. Sheila Chan and Mr. Mike Bradley.  The program continues to educate children in the faith and prepares them to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation.  The responsibilities of the director have expanded over the last 25 years and now include the preparation of parents and godparents for the baptism of their children, overseeing the RCIA program for adults entering the Catholic Church by preparing them to receive the Sacraments of Initiation, (Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation).  The program is served by an all-volunteer staff of catechists and support staff, who share their faith with the love of Jesus in their hearts.