Saint Adalbert School


Established in 1892, St Adalbert School has as its mission, and hence its philosophy, the work of fulfilling the three-fold directive: to preach and teach doctrine, to foster fellowship and community, and to promote the concept and action of service through instruction and example. St. Adalbert School finds as a rich resource its affiliation with the Parish Family. The neighborhood from which the student population is comprised of a multi-national slice of America with families that have been in Elmhurst for generations as well as new immigrants. The school is staffed by qualified teachers who are committed to the Christian principles of education. Since the foundation of the school, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth have, and continue to be ministers of education. As ministers, they are instrumental in creating a family atmosphere that reflects their community's charisma.

The academic program at St. Adalbert School fulfills the educational requirements of the State of New York and is based on the Christian principles of education as outlined by the Diocese of Brooklyn. The program provides for the continuous development of the intellectual, psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of each child. In an attempt to develop skills that will enable students to interact with society for a better world, the Faculty of St. Adalbert School proclaims and promotes the Good News through encouraged actions which include: collections for the Thanksgiving Food Drive, Christmas Giving Tree, Lenten sacrifices for the poor and various other charitable organizations that solicit contributions to assist people in need.

Essential to its identity and mission as a Catholic School, various Liturgical celebrations are planned. The friars, principal, and faculty work together to provide meaningful experiences that challenge the students to develop the values of Jesus and to live them in their lives. These celebrations include: School Masses, seasonal prayer services, May Crowning, opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and school-wide projects for each liturgical season.  On a daily basis, students gather in the gym to pray together remembering the special intentions for each day, as well as for the benefactors and parishioners of St. Adalbert Parish.  Each year, St. Adalbert School prepares programs for Spirit Day, Catholic Schools Week, Music Shows and Band and Glee Club concerts.  Opportunities are provided for students to participate in various contests sponsored by the Diocese as well as outside organizations.

In addition, annual activities provide opportunities to develop school spirit and occasions for parental involvement.  Each year, St. Adalbert School maintains an average of 345 students from Grades Nursery through Grade 8.  In addition to the classroom teachers, the staff includes teachers specializing in music, physical education, occupational therapy and specialized academic organizations. In 2014, the school partnered with the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council to provide a free afterschool program for students in Grades 6-8. This program includes opportunities for students to participate in robotics, debate, stock market, drama, computer game design leadership and team building skills. In 2016, St. Adalbert School entered into a contract with the New York City Board of Education for a Universal Pre-K. On August 31, 2016, Saint Adalbert School closed and on September 1, 2016 Saint Adalbert Catholic Academy opened.  The transition from school to academy was part of the Strategic Plan “Preserving the Vision” that the Most Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn, implemented to preserve catholic education in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Throughout its history, many people have walked through the doors of St. Adalbert School. The presence of each person has contributed to making St. Adalbert "one family living in faith and love".