Sacrament of Marriage

Congratulations on your life defining decision to be married in the Catholic Church!  We rejoice with you, and offer you the following information to simplify your wedding day, and make the actual marriage rite a prayerful moment. These are some guidelines: further details will be available through the friar who assists you.

Setting A Date: To set a date for marriage, at least one of the parties getting married must visit the parish office in person to set the date for the wedding. A friar will be happy to assist you. We request that you do this at least nine months prior to the wedding.

Jurisdiction: A pastor has care over specific people. At least one of the members getting married must belong to this parish. If you are not registered anywhere, register here or in the parish you worship regularly. If that parish is not St. Adalbert's, then a written letter of permission must be obtained from that pastor to celebrate the marriage at St. Adalbert's.

Documentation: Christians must provide a baptismal Certificate from the parish or institution where they were baptized. It must be newly issued (not older than six months). If their reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation is not noted on the back of this certificate, they must make an effort to obtain it. If one has not been Confirmed, it is the fitting time to make an effort to receive this sacrament prior to the marriage.

Pre-Cana Program : Every couple must go through a marriage preparation program which has been approved by the Diocese. These programs take place in different forms, times, and locations. We will provide you with a brochure about Pre-Cana. It is your responsibility to register for one of these programs. The Diocese also sponsors Pre-Cana programs in Polish and Spanish.